"E.Y.E.S." Enhance Your Eyelashes Serum (0.21 ounce vial)

The "New and Improved" formula of the "E.Y.E.S." Enhance Your Eyelashes Serum is now available for consumer purchases! The E.Y.E.S. Enhance Your Eyelashes Serum formula has been improved over the already outstanding results of the original formula! We would like to thank all of our customers who have bought and used the original E.Y.E.S. Enhance Your Eyelashes Serum product. We have been amazed by all the great positive feedback telling us how well your lashes have responded. But now, that response from our consumers will be even better. The "New and Improved" formula now contains a state-of-the-art peptide complex as well as a vitamin complex. No other product in the eyelash enhancement category can compare to this new formula. The serum is fortified with botanical actives from jojoba and macadamia oils. This not only ensures that the active peptide complex will spread onto the skin around the lashes effectively, but also provides long term moisturization of the skin when coupled with sodium hyaluronate. The clinically tested, state-of-the-art peptide technology enhances the users natural eyelashes. No pharmaceutical grade materials are used in this product, and therefore no undesirable "side effects" can occur as with other eyelash growth products, drug or cosmetic. With continued use of the serum the eyelashes will appear longer and fuller. This eyelash growth serum can be used any time the user feels like it. However, it is recommended to be used on a daily basis, and most certainly each night to see consistent results. Carefully use the eyeliner brush to apply a small amount of the product just above your upper and lower eyelashes, slightly touching them at the root area. It is not necessary to overload the product on the lashes, just a light coating is sufficient. Avoid contact with the eye itself, although there are no ingredients in the product that will cause eye irritation. Consumer Price: $45.00 per 0.21 ounce vial (applicator brush included!) **This consumer price is still less than half the price of the prescription only prostaglandin type products, that still come to you with a lot of negative side effects. Our product is by far the best deal, with the best results.
"E.Y.E.S." Enhance Your Eyelashes Serum 0.21 ounce vial
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Price $45.00