The Original "Living Lotion" (3.5 ounce bottle)

Natural skin sebum, produced by the human body to keep the skin soft and supple, consists of fatty acids, wax esters, squalene, and other minor components. The Original "Living Lotion" uses Macadamia Oil and Olive fatty acids to simulate the skin's fatty acid profile. It uses Jojoba Esters to supply the wax ester content. And, it uses Sensolene to simulate the squalene fraction. Add to this the extended moisturization and natural occlusive properties of Jojoba Esters and the activity is unsurpassed by any other cream or lotion on the market today. Also, this skin sebum analog will not clog pores, will not cause acne, and is non-comedogenic. If you need fast relief from dry skin or damaged skin, this is the ONLY product you should ever use. Using any other product will only make your skin conditions worse!
The Original "Living Lotion" 3.5 ounce bottle
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